Different types of Ants


Ants are tiny insects that belong to the family Formicidae and order Hymenoptera. They can cause a lot of frustration once they invade a residence. It can proof to be quite a challenge in controlling ants, but little information on the types of ants that are there, their behavior and their diet will go a long way into knowing how to control them. There are over 12,000 species in the world, with an estimated 1,000 species in the US. Ants commonly seen as invasive pests include:
Argentine Ants
They are winged worker ants mostly produced in spring and multiply during autumn. They are pests that prefer sweet foods but can also live on dead insects. They may not cause any threat to once health but may contaminate food by leaving their waste behind.
Black House Ants
These are ants that will love living in your kitchen. They are often known as scavenger ants. These ants can be quite dangerous in that they have been known to spread disease such as Salmonella to humans. The best control for them will be to find the infected colony and treat them.
Bull dog Ant
They are an aggressive type of ant that loves to leave in the outdoors, under rocks or logs. A sting from them is very painful, especially since they can sting one repeatedly.
If invasion has occurred at you home take time and learn more about they type of ant. This way you will always be prepared for all the four seasons.